NEW! Cloth Snakeskin Backing
We are really happy with these cloth snake skin backings. They look so much like real snake skins that most people won't know the difference.

They are much more reasonably priced. They're easy to install and they protect the back of a wooden bow just like a linen backing.

Each piece is approx. 70" long x 2". Available in: Copperhead and Diamondback Rattlesnake - choose pattern below.

Price is $24.00/each

We recommend using Titebond II when applying these backings. For Titebond II - Click Here

Select Pattern Below

We specialize in quality air dried snake skins, these skins are processed in Texas for their meat and we buy the skins so they are clean and free of holes. We match the pairs as close as possible to ensure your bow looks as good as if it were alive. Texas Rat snakes as well as the Bull snakes 64’’ or longer are sold as one, shorter skins are sold as a pair. (Call 479-474-3800 for availability of other snake skins.)

For Instructions on installing snake skins, Click Here.

These Western Diamondbacks are the classic of all snakes with the small diamond pattern running down the limb. We have these for longbow as well as recurve bows.
New Lower Price!! Western Diamondbacks..............$60.00 pair

These Prairie Rattlers are beautiful skins and are a lot like the diamondback snake skins in color but have more of a kidney like pattern running down the limb. These give a very distinct look on a self bow or a fiberglass backed bow.
Prairie Rattler.............$75.00 pair

New Lower Price!! These Western Diamondbacks are 25” to 29” long - matched pairs that will work well on shorter flatbows and small youth bows as well as fiberglass backed bows.

Small Diamondback Snake .........$60.00 pair



Call for availability of other snake skins.

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